Small Businesses for Elizabeth Warren

Welcome to Small Business Owners for Elizabeth Warren! Elizabeth believes that Washington needs to stop putting the interests of big banks and big corporations before the interests of small businesses and Massachusetts families. Over the next four months, we will be growing this community to talk to our friends, family members and neighbors about why we need Elizabeth Warren in the U.S. Senate. Start organizing today - sign up using the form to the right.

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  • Small Businesses for Elizabeth

    Elizabeth believes small businesses are the backbone of our economy. 

    This morning in Dorchester, Elizabeth joined local business owners to launch her “Small Businesses for Elizabeth” group. Hundreds of small business owners from across Massachusetts have signed up to show their support. Watch the launch here and then share it with your friends. 

    As a consumer advocate, Elizabeth has spent her career fighting to ensure that small businesses can compete on a level playing field. 

    And in Washington, Elizabeth will fight to end special tax breaks and loopholes that only benefit the largest corporations so small businesses can grow and create jobs.

    Are you a small business owner? Please sign up for Small Businesses for Elizabeth today.

  • Here's my point

    When small businesses grow and flourish, we should applaud their success... But here's my point: If a business makes it big, the reward shouldn't be the ability to rig the system to stop the next guy.

    To read more, click here.

  • Massachusetts Credit Unions Stand with Elizabeth Warren

    Elizabeth Warren - Massachusetts Credit Union League EndorsementLast week, Elizabeth Warren received the endorsement of the Massachusetts Credit Union League at an event held at Worcester Credit Union's Main Street branch. The League is one of the oldest U.S. trades groups still in operation, and this marks the first time they have officially endorsed a candidate for public office.

    "Elizabeth Warren has been a strong and vocal proponent of the benefits that credit unions provide to working families across the Commonwealth and around the country," the League's President Dan Egan said at the endorsement event.

    Elizabeth has devoted her career to building a credit market that works for American families, for lenders who want to serve those families, and for the economy as a whole. The League's endorsement shows that Elizabeth's vision for credit markets has gained traction from responsible lenders.

    "I am honored to receive the endorsement of the Massachusetts Credit Union League," Elizabeth said to the League's Board of Directors. "It is critically important to support credit unions and the hard-working Americans who rely on their services."

    At the event, Elizabeth met with Judy Fredenberg, a single mother of four from Fitchburg and a veteran of the Air Force. A few years ago, Judy found herself in a difficult financial situation that resulted in a foreclosure on her home. Fortunately, with the help of her credit union, Judy was able to accomplish her goal of reclaiming, in her words, "the only home my children have ever known."

    The credit union endorsement coincided with the one-year anniversary of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau opening its doors. In her remarks, Elizabeth emphasized that the mission of every credit union is to serve their members -- the same value that she aimed to incorporate into the new consumer agency's DNA.

    "It is our hope and expectation that Elizabeth will ensure that credit unions and their members have an advocate in the Senate," said Egan.

    Elizabeth reiterated that she will continue to fight for a level playing field and serve as a voice for Massachusetts credit unions. There are more than 200 credit unions in the Commonwealth with more than 2.5 million members.

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