President Bill Clinton Urges Massachusetts Residents to Vote for Elizabeth Warren

Somerville, MA – President Bill Clinton is helping turn out the vote for Elizabeth Warren.  In a new automated call, President Clinton expresses his support for Elizabeth and encourages Massachusetts residents to vote for her on Tuesday.

The message also cautions against a Republican Senate that would work against President Obama’s agenda. Republican Scott Brown has raised money on the idea that the Massachusetts Senate race could determine control of the Senate and that a Republican Senate is needed as a “hedge” against President Obama’s agenda.

Clinton and Warren spoke on the same night at the Democratic National Convention in September in support of President Obama.  Warren’s remarks focused on the struggles of working families and small businesses and her work with Obama to create a level playing field so that everyone has the chance to succeed.

Full transcript of President Clinton’s message is below.  Audio here.

“Hi this is President Bill Clinton.  I’m calling to ask you to vote for Elizabeth Warren on Tuesday, November 6th.  We can’t let Scott Brown and the Republicans take over the Senate and block President Obama’s agenda.  Elizabeth Warren is a fighter for middle class families and for small businesses.  She’ll help to get our economy on the right track and work for all our communities and all our people.  So please vote for Elizabeth Warren on Tuesday, November 6th.  For more information on where to vote, please call 800-752-2012.  That’s 800-752-2012.  Thanks.”